Building Liberty Oak Studios – Step 6

It seems that it is one of the persistent themes of my life that I build a studio and then I move. It happened in Savannah, and it happened when I built my last studio in Texas at our home on Hunters Moss. And, yes, it happened with the Liberty Oak Studio as well.

The pandemic created opportunity but it also wreaked havoc. It gave me the opportunity to build the studio as my world of work was transitioning to remote, and then it wreaked havoc when the school I was working for was unable to sustain itself without in-person learning.

I was one of many who were furloughed, and one of many who had to find other jobs. Fortunately for me, finding work has never been a serious challenge and very quickly I found an opportunity in Atlanta, but this meant leaving behind my studio and turning it into a storage unit while we packed up our things, rented out our home, and found a new home in Woodstock, Georgia, but that’s a tale for a different post.

This story has a happy ending though. After some trials and tribulations, we are now back in San Antonio, and just months away from returning to our home and my studio! and so until then, here are a couple of photos of the finished result. They make me happy and keep me motivated to return!